rosebud673 (rosebud673) wrote,

all i really want is to best in me and in you

Children of Eden!
...I like it a lot. (even when we squall/squail)

But then by reading y'all's LJ's, I realized...
I might not see you for a while.
That makes me really sad.
I'm going to be around all July, with a lot of free time, so call me. Or perhaps show up at my house. But I'm warning you, the only food in my house is healthy.

He's not going camping this year.
Why should this bother me? Last year was the first year he'd gone camping since he was like, 9. It shouldn't be a problem.
But it is.

I love you all, and I hope you read this, because no one comments and thus I never know if these are being read. I'm going to miss you, even if you're one of those people that I ended the year with really kind of crappy. A really giant heart...because I'm getting really nostalgic about this year. This was the first year. Of so many things.
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