rosebud673 (rosebud673) wrote,

i am the eternal cry of "let there be"

Chrissy is forcing me to update.

So I'll say this:
1. CHILDREN OF EDEN! I am very excited. Very very.
2. ILY things like writing random notes to Sophie that confuse her later, and writing letters to Chrissy, going into school really early to sit in random places and talk to Erica. They make me smile.
3. I like people. I also like not being with people. Today I walked home in the rain alone, and I greatly enjoyed it.
4. I love life. Even when it keeps you up crying for a very long time, it ends up ok because then you find letters from your camp and then you realize, "what does it matter if people are not being nice? your parents love you. your brother loves you. you have written a song. you have a garden. there are things that are looking to you to finish them, and you need to do that."
5. The end. More to come later. Sorry for the hiatus, but why write when everything is consistently good?
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