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open up your mind and see like me, open up your plans and damn your free

Whoa. No update in a while. This is because I get no more comments. I don't mean that in the MEEEH-COMMENT-ME way. It's just that no comments doesn't inspire one to update.

It was a pretty shitty week, with moments of amazingness.

Happy very belated LJBirthday to Liz. Woohooo!

Today I went to the Gardner museum.

...and I saw a billion things, very much up close.
I also saw letters written by George Washington, John Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Marie Antionette, and Voltaire, among others. It's wierd because...well I don't know why but it was just so cool to see them, right before your eyes.
It was also incredible to see these famous works of art just right there, in front of you. Like to be 1/2 an inch away from a Degas or Sargent or Raphael. No one cares, I know. But I love art.

Indeed, life is going straight to the shittiness. But I like people. People are being good and making me happy. Yay, friends, for existing.

In other news,
Ms. Brumit finally called me to say-
...she doesn't know.


P.S. In honor of having to compose music for Nate's musical (teehee), I started writing a sonatina for piano today.
It sucks, but it's the thought that counts.
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