rosebud673 (rosebud673) wrote,

turn the light on now...the room's so dark without love

I haven't updated in 3 weeks, which for some reason makes me sort of sad.

So I guess I'll update.

1. The end of COE was like a dream, sort of.
2. Camp (Coniston) was incredible. I loved honestly every day of it.

ugh, I cant do any more of that because im tired and my head hurts and i have a large load of laundry to do. But I leave you with this:

xay team ox: oxen?
xay team ox: they are beasts of burden
xay team ox: aka animals that do work for people
xay team ox: they like, plow
xay team ox: or they did in the olden days
hmt2023: okay.. rachel i think u need some tea


P.S. Saturday night was a perfect night. It fit well into a relatively perfect summer.
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