rosebud673 (rosebud673) wrote,

got magical bracelets, they turn bullets away

1. Caroline or Change at SpeakEasy was amazing. The musical was better than the cast but it was still an incredible production. Ah!!! I'm now in love with that musical/opera.
2. Uncovering things that should have been uncovered long ago is slightly upsetting.
3. I can't counselor at SPACE, ew. But I may illegally counselor for cabaret...
4. Summer = I'm going to get to see everyone again. yesss. Including Miss Charlotte Bavley, who I'm kidnapping and sneaking into COE. Because a summer without Charbs isn't really summer.

Later (I'm too lazy to make another entry):
Right now I am.
a. allergized
b. listening to arabic pop (dont make fun of me. it's amaaazing)
c. obsessed with world music for no reason at all
d. done with finals

Why can't scantrons be normal? Why must they be all boxy? That makes them SO much harder.

I'm seeing Mickey tonight...muahah!
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