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1) How would oh_insanity conquer the world? she'd tell them they were hooplas and they had to go to room 313
2) What comic book character would oh_sugarsugar be? lucy in charlie brown, because they look similar i think :)
3) If lily_lm had a superpower, what would it be? superfabulous!
4) What is lemon25401's favorite movie? i dont know. so i'll say rent, becuase shes a renthead
5) What is desireless_'s favorite game? er, i dont know
6) Are lemon25401 and musikgurl23 going out? nay
7) Has broadwaybabe617 dyed their hair? i sink so
8) What flavor of jello would candikane191 be? the original flavor, because she's that fab.
9) What exotic animal would monkeygal308 like as a pet? haha, she'd be her dog. whose pretty exotic.
10) What animal should living4summer be combined with? a bobcat.
11) How many monkeys could save_my_soul_ fight at once and win against? an entire army!
12) Is shosholoza friends with segsus? no, but they may have met, although i highly doubt it
13) Would you set up csmhendren and fiz_faz_fez? hahahahaha nooo
14) Does living4summer go to your school? indeed
15) Have you flirted with penelopejsqurl? noo
16) icecreamtrucker's eye color? brown i think
17) Is elybelle dead sexy? obvi, espeically when her hair was green
18) What would you do if monkeygal308 died? i would probably die too. that would really suck.
19) Where would jv33fan most like to visit? hmm, a some sort of sports game
20) Do you have xxsugabunzzxx's screenname? i did but i think she changed it...?
21) Could you see candikane191 and fiz_faz_fez together? ahh no
22) Does save_my_soul_ have a crush on cube_monkeys? no, but they might no each other, so closer!
23) What is lispith allergic to? mr grossman?
24) What mental disorder does itsaboutlife243 remind you of? insanley amazing disorder!
25) Does fiz_faz_fez have a dog? heehee yes
26) What animal does save_my_soul_ remind you of? kinda a hamster. in the adorable way.
27) If fiz_faz_fez took over the world, who would suffer? everybody!
28) oh_sugarsugar's hair color? dark brown. possibly black.
29) What would confuzzled1800 give icecreamtrucker for his/her birthday? errr, i do not know
30) What do you agree with oh_insanity about? ITJIG!
31) What languages does ska_vacado speak? english, maybe something else, because her lj entries end with something in another language
32) Is jv33fan 1337? no way
33) What is lispith's biggest flaw? that her violin playing makes me jealous
34) What is xxsugabunzzxx's shoe size? oh dear, ill say 8
35) Does grapeoape do drugs? i do not know
36) How tall is marealin1992? taller than me. that bitch.
37) Where was hashbrowniesco born? it's not quite a person. one in china and one in newton?
38) Which of your friends should lemon25401 go out with? oh dear. that is quite tough.
39) Is bluebumblebeez in a relationship? i dont know
40) Where was bluebumblebeez born? here? oh dear, i should know
41) What would save_my_soul_ think of cherryst_salsa4? i think they;d like each other a lot
42) Do you have a crush on fiz_faz_fez? nope
43) If candikane191 commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? haha, no one. sorry tor
44) Does cube_monkeys know marealin1992? i think not
45) Is itsaboutlife243 a college student? nope. she's not even a high school student!
46) What color should segsus dye their hair? nada. me gusta su pelo
47) Does jollygreenpear smoke? ha, no
48) Would you wrestle lily_lm in jello? obviously. and we'd obviously wear my old dance costumes while wrestling.
49) If wear_sunscreen_ were hanging off a cliff, what would confuzzled1800 do? oh dear. i do not know.
50) Would jv33fan and omgleatherpants make a good couple? ha! maybe! what a silly idea!
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